Our integral service

We work to guarantee the fastest and most efficient certification service without intermediaries and in a confidential manner. We provide support in every instance of the regulatory process for wireless equipment, telecommunications, safety, among others.

In order to meet the needs of the client, we offer comprehensive advice to comply with all requirements and ensure that their regulatory certificates are received on time.

We guide you from the beginning to the end in your approval process.

Our management system is based on international quality and safety standards. We are focused on processing all requests for certification or research, as well as accepting new challenges. All this in the shortest possible time and confidentially.

Thanks to the support of our extensive network of local agents and direct relationships with regulatory bodies, we can provide detailed information to satisfy your requests and achieve the most profitable ways to meet the requirements of your target market.

We have a strategic partnership with the most reliable laboratories in each country.

We provide personalized technical support and monitoring during the local testing of the product to ensure compliance with the regulations and / or adaptation of the hardware / software.

Our team of professionals will provide complete assistance in the process of importing samples. As well as, continuous monitoring to achieve a quick customs clearance without inconvenience.

We provide full legal advice on the necessary regulatory documentation and directly interact with the regulatory bodies so that your certification can move forward quickly.

We proactively manage the product life cycle of your product. We keep you informed of all regulatory updates that may affect your certification in the immediate future.