Our services

We are specialized in telecommunication product certifications, and safety. We advise you in every instance of the process through a comprehensive, confidential, fast, efficient service with the best cost / benefit ratio in the market.

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How is our work methodology?

The most effective solution in global certification services for telecommunications products.

Direct relationship with laboratories and regulatory agencies

Effective management and competitive prices

More than 100 countries and territories

More than 15 years of experience

How can we help you?

  • Launch a new product?

  • Change a product that has been certified?

  • Certify in a new country?

  • Incorporate a new frequency or technology?

  • Specific information on regulations?

Launch a new project

We determine an action plan adapted to the characteristics of your product and the applicable regulation.

Change a product that has been certified

We analyze how the changes will impact on your certification and the strategy to follow to update the certification of your product.

Certify in a new country

We will analyze the requirements that your product must meet for certification in the new market and we design a strategic plan to obtain it.

Incorporate a new frequency or technology

We advise on the radio spectrum available in each country. We let you know the requirements for certification.

Market surveillance

We accept new challenges and are willing to investigate everything you need to know about a country, a technology and / or regulatory system.